The following two workshops are designed to compliment the Feminine Mastermind sessions, however you can also attend as a stand-along experience. Who are these experiences for?

- It's for hard-driving professionals who crave more energy, balance, and fulfillment.

- It's for the evolving individuals who are ready to do the internal work to create external change.

- It's for intentional dreamers who want to re-imagine their existing "day-to-day" and design a more self-aligned future.


19 January 2020 (Seeding + Sovereignty)

It’s our duty to tend to our wholeness, our mindset, our energy, and our freedom - these are critical to our success and fulfilment. By harmonizing the masculine and feminine energies within us, embracing and expressing ALL of who we are, we are then able to create a meaningful impact through the work we're here to do. No one else can or will do this for us.

Seeding - In an atmosphere of stillness, warmed by strong feminine energy, we'll explore the relationship between our intention, nuturing nature's intelligence, and its final expression in physical form. By setting our compass (direction), stepping fully into commitment, and letting go the need to control, we sow our own seeds of success.

Sovereignty - Stepping up and assuming ​l​eadership of your "land;" defining your "call to arms" you'll embody your stance and claim your territory. ​This involves combining different kinds of power - integrating servant leadership with sovereign leadership. When operating from this calm center, ownership of your ​own direction can unfold in unknown and unexpected ways.

14 June 2020 (Abundance + Alignment)

How do you/we shift from the scarcity mentality “I'm not (good) enough” to one of abundance “I am worthy​”? Creating abundance is often done through ​affirmations ​and visualization.​ It involves changing our beliefs and overcoming limitations. ​More than this, it's a way of "being" ​that connects us to a system and energy that is larger than ourselves.

Abundance – When we operate from a place of abundance, we see our life from a long-term perspective. It's about believing there are always opportunities, ideas to try, places to explore, things to fall in love with, and ways to turn a bad situation into something good. By ​appreciating what we do have - our own qualities and the support found all around us - we naturally grow.

Alignment ​- Being "aligned" means discarding what no longer serves you and gathering in what enables you to be on purpose, on mission, with a vision. When you embrace your inner power you show up like never before - whether it’s finances, relationships, personal growth, or professional career.


Registration is required. These workshops will be facilitated in English. Toutefois, si vous comprenez l’anglais, mais tenez à vous exprimer en français vous êtes également bienvenus! Sign up today!

Fee: 175€ per workshop

Time: 10am - 5:30pm (arrive 9:30am, leave by 6:00pm)

Location:  Lauvitel Lodge, La Danchere, 38520 Vénosc

Questions? Send us email via the contact form.

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