Mastering transitions

Transitions come in all shapes and sizes - either internally driven or imposed from the outside. Sometimes it’s changes in your work life like a new promotion, switching jobs or the start of retirement.

Sometimes it’s personal and lifestyle changes like marriage or divorce, losses of relationships, changes in home life, or relocation. And sometimes it internally driven - such as a deep awakening - the (re)discovery of a new dream, the abandonment of an old one, or changes in self-image, values or perspective.

Register today for this interactive small-group workshop where you'll have the space to explore questions like:

- What is the impact of not being fully ME? For myself and/or on others?

- What am I willing to let go in order to move forward? Can I let go?

- What aspects of myself are hiding that I want to be more present?

In mastering transitions we work from a calm center, discarding what no longer serves us and gathering in what enables us to be on purpose, on mission, with a vision. When you embrace your inner power you show up like never before.

On the agenda: facilitated exercises transforming your experiences into seeds of growth; magical forest walks; "self-time" as well as moments to share experiences with a group of like-minded people.  

So what would happen if you followed your calling and took courageous steps towards a new phase of life? Register today, come to the workshop and find out!


Being mindful of the current health situation and the impact it's had to our daily lives, this series is now on "pause" and will be revisted again as things evolve.

We wish you and yours health and resilience as we move through this transition.

weekend one-day workshop

The Seasoned Self      2020