Caroline Purkhardt, PhD

Transition Coach, T’ai Chi Master, author of "Stillness in Action"

I am a lover of nature. As a transition coach and leadership mentor I bring people to stillness so that they can delight in action, true to self, and take their part in divine creation. Being a T’ai Chi Teacher and Meditation Practitioner I invite people to listen to their body wisdom and inner knowing, focusing on the presence they bring and the impact they have on others. My passion is exploring the full range of our feminine and masculine energies and accompanying people as they step into the unknown with ease and grace. Learn more about me at  https://www.carolinepurkhardt.com

Naida Culshaw

Developmental Coach and NLP Practitioner

I am curious by nature. I particularly enjoy exploring the perspectives of the past and present to uncover possible future scenarios. As a developmental coach, workshop facilitator and NLP practitioner, I encourage individuals, teams and organizations to imagine new approaches and embrace the unforeseen. My passion is to encourage reflection, growth, and stretch-thinking in order to build a greater capacity for transformation and create an environment where intrinsic aspirations can be nourished. Learn more about me: www.business-sense-training.com

The Seasoned Self      2021

I wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for the most revitalizing Sunday I've had in a very long time. I really didn't know what to expect from my first self healing workshop and came away with tools to help me on my journey to a new and fulfilled life.

Thank you once again and can't wait to return to one of the most spectacular beautiful places I've visited ... soon!

Jacqui - May 2017

What an experience with us feels like:

Unbelievable how one day can impact one’s life. After quite a tough week, I joined the one day Seasoned Self retreat with plenty of questions in my head. I had visited the Lauvitel Lodge last year and I knew that a paradise was waiting for me, but I didn’t expect to have such an intense and effective time spent with ladies in a calm and trustful environment.

Close to nature, relaxed but working hard trying to find my own way supported by Caroline and Naida, I fully charged my batteries and know what to do next. Definitely going to join again and recommend it to anyone who would like to enjoy the mountains, boost your energy, discover your creativity and simply be surrounded by like-minded women.

Tatiana R., July 2016

I didn't really know what to expect when subscribing to my first seasoned self but I wanted to try something new for myself. I was far from imagining that I would love it so much! It was refreshing, relaxing and so very nice and positive that I went home feeling light as a butterfly but with the energy of a lion. And of course with a lot of good advice to keep this feeling going.

Thanks Caroline and Naida but also to the other participants; you inspired me a lot and I would love to do this again.

Cindy - May 2017