mastermind in conversation

one-day workshop

These programs, inspired by the seasons, have been developed to encourage self-reflection, growth and community. Take part in engaging and interactive conversations, making connections with each other and within ourselves.

Join us for our Saturday afternoon Mastermind in conversation sessions. These 3-hour sessions provide a safe space to redefine how you see yourself, create momentum around an idea, address a burning concern or desire, and focus the energy in the room into co-creating viable actions.  

Participate in our June one-day weekend workshop - Mastering Transition. Our lives move in chapters and as one closes, another begins. And while life transitions are inevitable, your ability to transition well is largely a choice and a skill set to see our life from a long-term perspective. It's about believing there are always opportunities, ideas to try, places to explore, things to fall in love with, and ways to turn a bad situation into something good.

Mastermind in conversation will be held in Grenoble. The one-day workshop will be held at Lauvitel Lodge. Both programs are facilitated in English. Toutefois, si vous comprenez l’anglais, mais tienez à vous exprimer en français, vous êtes également bienvenus!


adjective  sea·soned  \ˈsizndː\

rendered wise through trial and experience;

mature or conditioned by exposure - tempered, toughened, aged

chevronné, mature

to season

verb  sea·son  \ˈsē-zən\

to add or heighten flavor; enhance; add zest, piquancy, or interest to what is already there



noun  sea·son  \ˈsē-zən\

a time characterized by a particular circumstance or feature;

a suitable or natural time or occasion;

one of the four quarters into which the year is commonly divided

saison, cycle

The Seasoned Self      2020