feminine mastermind

one-day weekend workshops

Nature's seasons embrace transition and change, letting go to grow anew, taking time to build strength in silence, to then bathe in its own vibrant expression of creative energy. Our transitions echo these phases and come in all shapes and sizes - either imposed from the outside or internally driven.

As a catalyst to enable sustainable transitions, we've designed the Feminine Mastermind. Mastermind groups offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills.  

These 3-hour Saturday afternoon sessions provide a safe space to not only redefine how you see yourself, but create momentum around an idea, address a burning concern or desire, and focus the energy in the room into designing actions.  

The one-day weekend workshop will also transform, complementing the Feminine Mastermind sessions with specified themes on 19 January 2020 (Seeding + Sovereignty) and 14 June 2020 (Abundance + Alignment).  

Our lives move in chapters and as one closes, another begins. While life transitions are inevitable, your ability to transition well is (largely) a choice and a skill set. Come … strengthen your mind and spirit, further your self-understanding, and offer one another inspiration for taking action.

The Feminine Mastermind afternoon sessions will be held in Grenoble. The one-day weekend workshops will be held at Lauvitel Lodge.

Both programs are facilitated in English. Toutefois, si vous comprenez l’anglais, mais tienez à vous exprimer en français, vous êtes également bienvenus!


adjective  sea·soned  \ˈsizndː\

rendered wise through trial and experience;

mature or conditioned by exposure - tempered, toughened, aged

chevronné, mature

to season

verb  sea·son  \ˈsē-zən\

to add or heighten flavor; enhance; add zest, piquancy, or interest to what is already there



noun  sea·son  \ˈsē-zən\

a time characterized by a particular circumstance or feature;

a suitable or natural time or occasion;

one of the four quarters into which the year is commonly divided

saison, cycle

The Seasoned Self      2019